Absher 24/7

A Film written, created and produced by Vevatar's team during quarantine period for the Ministry of Interior, Absher Online Platform. The film concept aims to show the unstoppable capabilities of Absher digital infrastructure even during the hardest times.

Race of Champions

An action-packed TV animation series revolving around Tam, a talented rookie racer and newcomer to the prestigious Grand Prix, a racing competition full of tough rivals, dangerous challenges and hidden agendas.

Halalah Mobile App Launch

Halalah is the first mobile wallets is the KSA. We were proud to organize their launch event, creating a unique concept, delivering an unforgettable night for our partner at Halalah.

The Saudi International Conference for Industrial Safety and Loss Prevention

Vevatar's team has proudly produced the biggest industrial security conference in the middle east. Our work included all artistic and media aspects of the event. 

The National Dance

A documentary film that tells the story behind the national saudi dance (Alarda) through a cinematic, vibrant style.


An immersive, interactive event created to launch RAWAHi, a mobile application that aims to revolutionize the online shopping system.

3D Visualization

A realistic architectural visualization of a mega real-estate project.

National Day Show

The biggest projection mapping show in Saudi Arabia.

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